The metal halide AKTICOP S MH-INSTANT COPY LAMP features high optical efficiency and is optimally suited for precisely exposing all types of UV-sensitive films and emulsions for screen stencils, printed circuit boards, printing plates and daylight films.

The exposure process begins immediately following start-up of the unit. The UV lamp is completely switched off during exposure pauses to achieve significant energy savings. That’s not only good for your electric bill but also for your air-conditioning system during the summer months! The flat reflector also helps to save energy. Thanks to the improved illumination, you can reduce the distance between the UV lamp and substrate and thereby use shorter exposure times. The AKTICOP S is available in 4 UV output classes: 1500, 3500, 5500 and 7500 W.

The useful service life of the UV lamp averages 5,000 one minute exposures.
We also deliver integratable versions of the AKTICOP S lamp so you can modernize your existing TECHNIGRAF exposure units.

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AKTICOP 1500, 3500, 5500 S