Our AKTIPRINT L UV dryer is a compact UV test unit designed as a continuous throughput dryer for reproducibly curing UV inks, UV varnishes, UV adhesives and coatings on commercially available flat materials. This model is primarily used for test series.
Our standard version AKTIPRINT L UV Dryer is delivered ready for use. Two sizes are available: 6 and 10 cm.

This single lamp unit has a conveyor belt length of 1 m, and the belt speed is continuously adjustable using a digital conveyor belt speed display. The AKTIPRINT L 6-1 offers you a conveyor belt speed of 3-20 m/min. The AKTIPRINT L 10-1 features a conveyor belt speed of 3-30 m/min.
This air-cooled unit is equipped with an ECG (electronic ballast) that enables continuous adjustment of UV lamp output from 40 to 100%. The lamp output is also stabilized against possible power supply fluctuations. In addition, the unit also features a PTFE conveyor belt, an exhaust fan (material suction system), and quartz windows. It is height adjustable from 10 to 60 mm.

You have a choice of UV lamp output:
AKTIPRINT L 6-1 = max. 80 W/cm
AKTIPRINT L 10-1 = max. 120 W/cm

We offer the following options: different spectral outputs, UV lamp output up to max. 200 W/cm, a metal fabric conveyor belt, cold light reflectors, IR filters and a slanted material feed tray. Of course, we can also provide customer-specific modifications and adaptations to this unit.

Download product sheet (PDF)