Our lightweight, air-cooled, single lamp UV compact modules are suitable for rapid curing of UV inks and other coatings in an inkjet process or in adhesive and industrial applications.
These high-performance modules with electronic ballast can be easily integrated into existing inkjet printing machines and other existing production lines.

We deliver our UV inkjet modules as ready-to-install modules with a separate electronic ballast. Our inkjet modules are equipped with 1 UV lamp (Hg, max. 160 W/cm).
Our inkjet modules have a stable, aluminum profile housing and are equipped with sturdy, focusing aluminum half-shell reflectors, a cooling fan on the lamp housing or on the operational unit, control input and output signals, quartz plates, a vibration-free, pneumatic reflector shutter and an ECG (electronic ballast).

The electronic ballast effectively compensates for line voltage fluctuations, and UV lamp output is continuously adjustable from 30 to 100%.
The following standard sizes are available: 6 to 30 cm
Special format sizes are available upon request.

As an option, we also offer UV inkjet modules with a UV lamp output of max. 300 W/cm, different spectral outputs, heat reducing reflectors and an SPS control unit. Of course, we can also deliver inkjet units manufactured to customer specifications.

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