Our air-cooled UV bridge models have been designed for curing UV inks, UV varnishes, UV adhesives and coatings in silk-screen printing applications. The bridge modules are retrofitted to existing hot-air dryers above the conveyor belt at either the feed or output end of this equipment.
We deliver our UV bridge modules as ready for use modules with a separate electronic ballast. The bridge modules are available with either 1 or 2 UV lamps (Hg, max. 120 W/cm each).
The standard version is equipped with sturdy, focusing aluminum half-shell reflectors, Control input (strike –and output), signal (strike -s) , quartz plates, a powerful suction fan (to exhaust ozone and heat) and stray field (up to 100%).

The following standard sizes are available: 50 to 200 cm
Special format sizes are available upon request.
ECGs can on request be delivered for a higher lamp power.

You will need an additional vacuum suction system if material planarity is inadequate.

Download product sheet (PDF)