Our AKTIPRINT P/e UV dryer can be used with various kinds of offset printing machines as a continuous throughput dryer. It has been designed to rapidly cure UV inks and UV varnishes in small to medium format printing applications on paper, cardboard and plastics.
The AKTIPRINT P/e UV dryer is inserted into the delivery section of the existing offset printing machine. It’s important that you tell us whether your existing printing machine has a high or low level delivery section.
This space-saving unit is available either with 2 or 3 UV lamps (Hg, max. 120 W/cm each) and is equipped with ECGs (electronic ballasts) so that you can continually adjust the UV drying output from 30 to 100%.

The following standard sizes are available:
50 cm (Printing Format 46 x 34 cm)
55 cm (Printing Format 35 x 52 cm)
70 cm (Printing Format 48 x 65 cm)
80 cm (Printing Format 52 x 74 cm)

Optional Equipment: heat-reducing reflectors and a slanted material feed tray.

Download product sheet (PDF)