Our compact AKTIPRINT T/e UV TABLETOP DRYER is a fixed-position continuous throughput unit that is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials. It is used to cure UV inks, UV varnishes and UV adhesives on flat substrates and molded parts made of paper, plastic, glass, and metal as well as printed circuit boards in the small to medium format printing range. The AKTIPRINT T/e model has been designed for maximum UV lamp output.

This unit can be supplied either with 1 or 2 UV lamps (Hg, with max. 220 W/cm per lamp, each lamp individually preselectable). The conveyor belt length is 1,5 m by units with 1 lamp and by units with 2 lamps the conveyor belt length is 1,8 m.

The AKTIPRINT T/e UV TABLETOP DRYER is delivered as a ready for use, tabletop, continuous throughput unit. The unit is equipped with sturdy, focusing aluminum half-shell reflectors, light protection shielding on both sides of the lamp housing, an operating hour counter, a lamp current display on the control panel, one electronic ballast each with continuously adjustable output, a PTFE conveyor belt, and a cooling fan with thermostat-controlled aftercooling. The throughput height can be easily set from 12 to 80 mm, and the conveyor belt speed is continuously adjustable from 5 to 20 m/min.

Compared with our standard tabletop dryer, the AKTIPRINT T, the AKTIPRINT T/e offers continuously adjustable lamp output up to 220W/cm, and its electronically stabilized output is not affected by power supply fluctuations. Its high UV lamp output eliminates the cost and wear and tear of a second UV lamp while offering nearly the same UV output.

The following standard sizes are available:
28 cm (Max. Drying Width: 30 cm, Throughput Width: 35 cm)
40 cm (Max. Drying Width: 42 cm, Throughput Width: 48 cm)
50 cm (Max. Drying Width: 52 cm, Throughput Width: 58 cm)
We offer the following options for the unit: a table base frame, an electrical height adjustment system, a slanted material feed tray, a material input and exit detection system (to save energy) and a pneumatic reflector shutter.

The customer is responsible for installation of the required air exhaust system, power supply connection and fusing.

Download product sheet (PDF)