Our product line includes the SCREEN COPY AND DRYING UNIT that we manufacture as a complete system. The system consists of a screen copy frame, screen drying cabinet (with five racks), the energy-saving AKTICOP S MH-INSTANT COPY LAMP, a light integrator, a UV-resistant light protection curtain and a separate, mobile control panel.

This screen copy system has been designed to precisely and uniformly expose and dry coated silk-screen frames with different frame profiles.

The automatic vacuum exhaust and exposure process sequence begins immediately after start-up of the unit. The UV lamp is completely switched off during exposure pauses to achieve significant energy savings. That’s not only good for your electric bill but also for your air-conditioning system during the summer months!

The screen copy system is available in 5 standard sizes:
60 x 80 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 40 x 60 cm)
90 x 110 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 70 x 90 cm)
110 x 130 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 90 x 110 cm)
130 x 160 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 110 x 140 cm)
160 x 190 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 140 x 170 cm)

We can also custom-manufacturer a unit for frame sizes up to 200 x 300 cm for you.

The useful service life of the UV lamp averages 5,000 one minute exposures.

Download product sheet (PDF)