Our SCREEN DRYING CABINET has been designed for the horizontal, uniform drying of screen stencils. This hot-air drying cabinet utilizes recirculated air and is equipped with a thermostatic temperature control. The sturdy, all-steel housing has 5 ball bearing mounted racks (80 mm high) with 5 angled, individually adjustable screen supports each.

This unit delivers highly uniform drying performance.
The SCREEN DRYING CABINETS are available in the following maximum screen frame sizes:
40 x 60 cm
70 x 90 cm
90 x 110 cm
110 x 140 cm
140 x 170 cm

Special formats (up to max. 180 x 280 cm) are available upon request.

As options, our SCREEN DRYING CABINETS can be supplied with a double-jacketed housing that is insulated on all sides, in a stainless steel version, and with 3 additional racks (total = 8 racks).

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