This daylight copy unit has been designed to expose daylight films, films for gg run printing and reversal films, offset printing plates, blueprints, printed circuit boards and other UV-sensitive copy layers.

An energy-saving AKTICOP S MH-INSTANT COPY LAMP is mounted on the base plate of the unit.
This unit is equipped with a black rubber cover with a double-sided, antistatic fabric covering, a fixed-position copy frame plate, a vacuum exhaust system with display and rapid venting capability as well as an AKTITRON S 16 E LIGHT INTEGRATOR.

The following standard sizes are available:
52 x 64 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size)
67 x 77 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size)
72 x 92 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size)
82 x 102 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size)

As an option, you can have positioning lines engraved in the copy frame plate.

Download product sheet (PDF)