This professional screen copy unit with three drying racks has been designed to expose and dry UV-sensitive emulsions and films on small to large format screen frames. An energy-saving AKTICOP S MH-INSTANT COPY LAMP is mounted on the base plate of the unit.This space-saving model offers, in addition to a complete vacuum exhaust and exposure sequence, 3 thermostatically adjustable drying racks with four angled screen supports each.

The following standard sizes are available:
67 x 77 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 47 x 57 cm)
72 x 92 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 53 x 73 cm)
82 x 102 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 62 x 82 cm)
92 x 112 cm (Max. Screen Frame Size – 73 x 93 cm)

Download product sheet (PDF)